The federal mandated Prision Rape Elimination Act (PREA) impacts juvenile residential programs such as VisionQuest. VisionQuest residential programs operate under the regulations prescribed by this Act to ensure safeguards to prevent sexual abuse, harassment and exploitation. Youth are educated to avoid situations that could result in sexual victimization and presented with means in how to report these incidents should one arise. Staff are trained on professional conduct, adolescent behavior and youth sexual identification and status. Employees are directed that it is their mandated duty to report any allegations of sexual misconduct to the appropriate state Child Abuse Hotline. The agency will ensure that when they are made aware of allegations, they will be reported to the rightful legal authority and VisionQuest will support any conducted investigation and take any additional measures to ensure the expected safety of all the youth. This includes holding staff accountable for their behavior or omission to act which could lead to criminal prosecution.