Building Better Futures

VQ has led the social services community for nearly 50 years by putting youth and families first with a wide range of services, dedicated care, and innovative programs.

Pathfinder Homes

VQ has operated family-style living homes for youth coming from unsafe living conditions since 1973. Our Pathfinder Homes focus on providing youth with guided life skills and trauma-informed care with the goal of prioritizing safety, stability and ensuring a path to a permanent home.

Functional Family Therapy®

VQ offers Functional Family Therapy® to families around the country to help deal with issues at their source. VQ Therapists work to preserve families and teach conflict skills needed to work through problems arising in the home.

Services for Unaccompanied Children

VQ provides safe living environments for youth who enter the U.S. without being accompanied by a parent. These youth receive a wide range of services while a more permanent home and sponsor in the U.S. is found for them.


Through training and continued support, our staff are empowered to change the course of children’s lives for the better one day at a time.

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