Supervised Visitation in Luzerne County

VQ Supervised Visitation program in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania assists in the reunification of families by arranging and supervising family visits, typically between birth parents and their children in foster care. This program operates at our visitation center located at 301 West Main Street Plymouth PA.. the visitation center provides a homelike setting where families are safe and secured throughout the entire visitation. Doors are locked as needed, staff are identified by badges, and rules and regulations for safety and security are in place.

VQ contacts the parents of a youth when we receive a referral for the Supervised Visitation program. An introductory meeting with the Visitation Coordinator for both the natural parents and the foster parents is scheduled; during this meeting, the specifics of the program are discussed, including the rules, cancellation policy, no-show policy, and the method for confirming visits. Ultimately, the program is designed to increase parenting skills, positive behavior from both parent(s) and child prior to visits, and positive interaction between the parent(s) and child during visits.

Parenting skills and improvements:

Visitation Aides will assess each client’s parenting skills andimprovements through observation and comparison to other visits. Any documentation will beunbiased and state only facts about each interaction.

Child’s behavior going to the visit with the parent(s):

Visitation Aides will assess each child’s behavior in anticipation of the visit. Assessment is conducted through observation, anddocumentation includes what the child says and/or does leading up to the visit.

Client’s and child’s interaction during the visit:

Visitation Aides will assess the client and child’s interaction during the visit through observation. Documentation of parent/child/familycommunication and interaction will be factual and unbiased.