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Residential programs

VisionQuest operates a variety of residential programs nationwide for male and female youth typically between the ages of 12 and 21. As a VisionQuest facility, each program incorporates particular core elements, such as the Sanctuary Model and VisionQuest Fabric. At the same time, each residential facility is unique, serving a different population with a different length of stay.

VisionQuest’s strategic plan has focused on reducing the size of our residential programs to better serve the needs of youth through a more specialized approach. Our programs serve niche populations, including older aggressive males, girls with trauma issues, youth with psychiatric needs, youth with substance abuse issues, etc. These smaller programs provide a higher level of care and better outcomes.

Specific programs offered include: group homes for niche populations, independent and transitional living apartments, short-term (30-day) and longer (6-9 month) residential programs, and emergency shelters. Additionally, each program incorporates different programmatic components and evidence-based practices to best meet the needs of its target population. These programmatic elements may include: Aggression Replacement Training, Street Smart, the Seven Challenges, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Community-Based Programs

VisionQuest operates a variety of community-based programs that reach out to youth who may be on probation or part of the child welfare system, and/or have mental health issues. They provide youth and families with the services they need to meet probation mandates or acquire further services and resources. Youth may participate in community service opportunities, receive school and curfew accountability calls and visits, and participate in a variety of groups. Families also receive support and services where appropriate to help all members develop better communication and functioning skills.

Mental Health & Substance Abuse Services

VisionQuest offers a variety of psychiatric mental health and substance abuse services across the country. VisionQuest operates licensed Psychiatric Outpatient Clinics and Psychiatric Residential Treatment programs.  These programs provide mental health and/or substance services to young men and women in both residential and community settings.  All services are provided under the direction of a Board-certified Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist. These programs offer the following services:  individual, group, and family therapy; psychiatric diagnostic evaluations; psychological services; and medication management. All services are typically funded through Medicaid.

Evidence-Based Programs

VisionQuest provides two evidence-based programs that are stand-alone programs. The staff who provide these programs are trained by the organizations that produced and monitor the services. When implemented correctly, these programs have dramatic and proven results.

Functional Family Therapy

FFT (www.fftinc.com ) is an evidence-based, in-home therapeutic service that helps family members strengthen their ability to work together and successfully solve problems concerning the family. FFT targets youth ages 11 to 18 that are having problems with delinquency, substance abuse, or violence. It is a front-end program that works to divert at-risk youth away from residential treatment entirely.

Each family in the program meets weekly in their home with a trained FFT therapist. With the therapist’s support, family members identify issues of concern. During these meetings, the therapist assists the family to strengthen bonds, identify issues, learn new problem-solving strategies, and implement solutions. Ultimately, the family members gain skills which can be used to successfully solve future problems that may arise.

Research has shown that participation in FFT not only produces positive results for the targeted child, but it also has beneficial impacts on the development of younger siblings.

Parenting with Love and Limits

PLL (www.gopll.com ) is an evidence-based treatment model that combines parenting management groups and family therapy into one continuum of care to quickly engage resistant parents. This re-entry program begins when the child is placed in a residential program and continues while the child transitions home. Ultimately, the goal is to release youth early, allowing them to transition to a healthy life sooner and decreasing the cost of care by the state or county.

Each child is assessed and a plan of care is created. The parent or caregiver must go through a series of sessions that address missing skills that are specific to extreme emotional and behavioral problems. Family therapy sessions and group therapy sessions are used to put together a customized aftercare plan. A case manager and a therapist collaborate to establish a support team that continues into aftercare.

GED Testing Centers

VisionQuest provides a number of GED testing centers for current VisionQuest youth in Maryland and Pennsylvania. They are located at:

5201 Old York Rd. Ste. 106
Philadelphia, PA 19141

Morning Star
1441 Taylors Island Rd.
Woolford, MD 21677

555 South Penn Rd
Franklin, PA 16323

Standing Timbers
35 Keystone Rd.
Clifton Township, PA 18424

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