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VisionQuest is an employee-owned comprehensive national youth services organization that adheres to the highest professional standards in providing innovative intervention services to at-risk youth and families.

We provide extraordinary experiences and relationships that allow youth, staff, and families to redefine and reach their highest potential.

Kids are safe, valued, and honored;
Families are respected and supported;
Staff are trained, supported, and appreciated;
Communities are protected, impacted, and involved.

VisionQuest has over 40 years of experience delivering highly successful innovative programs to at-risk and juvenile youth. Our programs are successful because we combine the best of old traditions with the best of the evidence-based practices.

Our history is rooted in American Indian culture. In American Indian traditions, the vision quest is a rite of passage that marks the transition from child to adulthood. VisionQuest has adopted many American Indian traditions over the years to help troubled teens and their families grow together. All of our staff, regardless of position, participate in the various traditions that make up the fabric of our organization.

Within the context of this fabric, VisionQuest is constantly seeking better ways to deliver services. We have long embraced the use of evidence-based methodologies as a means of effectively responding to the needs of at-risk youth and their families. These evidence-based practices are “tried and true” methods of effectively reaching troubled youth and their families.

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