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Residential Services

Morning Star Youth Academy

VisionQuest Morning Star Youth Academy is a 24 bed, CARF accredited residential program for young men aged 14 to 18 located on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. We offer both a 6-9 month and 60-90 day short term program.  The program accepts ASAM criteria Levels II.

The program offers Substance Abuse, Trauma Informed Care, Equine Assisted Learning, Mental Health, Wellness, Life Skills, Community Service and Physical Activities as some of their offered services.

Substance Abuse
The Seven Challenges is designed specifically for adolescents with drug problems.  This involves a multi-phase therapeutic process that works first on establishing a foundation of trust, self knowledge and positive values, and then specifically on drug and alcohol issues.  The program motivates youth to commit to change and supports their success by implementing the desired changes.

Sanctuary Model – Trauma Informed Care 
The Sanctuary® Model of Trauma Informed Care is a blueprint for change that creates a community, both within VisionQuest as well as families, one that recognizes that trauma, adversity and stress impact us as individuals, groups and as a society.  VisionQuest has incorporated Sanctuary into our practices as a foundation that promotes safety, recovery and resiliency.

The program is an onsite Type I Non-Public School, approved through the Maryland State Department of Education.  The program offers 9-12th Grade, GED, Pre GED and credit recovery.  The curriculum includes all four core content areas, Physical Education and Life Skills.

The program partners with several local organizations to provide youth with the opportunity to work toward the seventy five hours of community service required in order to graduate from Maryland High Schools.

Equine Assisted Learning 
Equine Assisted Learning is a groundwork-centered, interactive learning in the dynamic presence of horses. EAL emphasizes the non-verbal relationships between horse and human. Participants are encouraged to closely observe and interact with the horse, in order to understand and challenge their own assumptions and habits.

Extraordinary Experiences
Extraordinary Experiences are part of each young man’s journey through the program. This includes programming such as mountain biking, running and yoga, Quests that include camping trips, structured physical activity, and community service experience. Each experience provides multiple opportunities to process past and present emotions into a plan for an improved future.  Some of these opportunities include training and participating in half marathons, triathlons and duathlons.

For more information, contact: emma.diaz@vq.com

Community-Based Services

Functional Family Therapy

FFT* (www.fftinc.com) is an in-home therapeutic service that helps family members to strengthen their ability to work together and successfully solve problems of concern to the family. It is a front-end program that works to divert at-risk youth away from residential treatment entirely.

VisionQuest offers FFT services statewide in the Eastern Shore and the Metro Region.

For more information, contact: joe.robertson@vq.com

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