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VisionQuest staff rely heavily on its tradition, background, and research to guide their decisions. Specifically, there are four core values that define the organization. These core values are based on the American Indian concept of a medicine wheel, which views life as a circular process balanced from four cardinal directions: north, east, south, and west.

VisionQuest’s Core Values are:

North: We value our circle.
It promotes mentorship, unity, integrity, a balanced team, accountability and our unique legacy of ceremony and innovation.
East: We value a safe environment.
It creates an opportunity for youth, staff and families to heal, openly communicate and reach their highest potential.
South: We value our youth and staff: past, present and future.
We are committed to high quality services, fidelity and fairness. Staff are our most valuable resource.
West: We value growth and change.
It positively impacts staff, youth, families and community, promoting spiritual maturity.

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